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Ours is a full  gospel church started in the year 1997 as a small house group; people were added  on to the group and came forward and accepted Lord Jesus Christ as their  personal Saviour . On 1st of September 1997, the first set of 10 people were  baptized and were guided to a pentecostal church which was huge in number. In  January, 1998 again another set of 12 people were baptized by an independent  Pastor, on our request. Then God clearly and firmly prompted us to start the  regular Church, as the people would personal care and follow up and that we  should not shirk off the responsibility. Obeying His voice the Church came into  existence with the early morning Service on a Easter day, in the month of April  1998 gradually increasing in number.

We concentrate on Quality not on  quantity - God is also helping us to preach His word without compromise. In the  days of Jesus many could not endure Sound Doctrine but they named it "Hard  Sayings" so also in these days.

Our main thirst, goal and vision for  conducting a Church is to be Transformed in the Image of Christ, Bearing Fruit  of the Spirit, Doing the Will of the Father in our daily lives. The gifts of the  Spirit should accompany the above qualities, otherwise Jesus would say “I know  you not”, though we prophecy,perform miracles and cast out demons in His name  (we count it very necessary for the edification of people, but not as a  qualification to enter into the Kingdom of God).

The Word of God is  Spirit and Life - the combination of Undiluted Word and the Power of the Holy  Spirit brings transformation in the lives of people.

Preparing ourselves  and the Church by constant reminders of His Glorious Coming to present ourselves  a Glorious Church without spot or blemish, before the Bridegroom and our Lord  Jesus Christ who is coming very soon. Amen.

May God bless you  all.

In His Service
Sister Hepzibah

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